Lawns are cut with professional mowers with rear rollers and cut on a weekly basis during the growing season. They are also edged to leave a clean finish and others areas are strimmed.


Lawns are fertilized using only the best products only available to the trade. The first application would be Late March, early April, and would be a three in one mixture to tackle moss, weeds and green up the lawn. The second application would be in June when a high nitrogen mixture would be used to ensure a healthy colour. The final application would be in the Autumn to ensure there are no signs of moss and to harden the lawn over the harsh winter period.


For tired and neglected lawns we also provide a lawn scarification service which is normally carried out in late March or early September. For the best results we apply lawn sand or an appropriate moss killer two weeks prior to the scarification work. Depending on the severity of the outcome, it may be necessary to apply a top dressing of soil, seed and additional fertilizer. The scarifier's  we use have blades which remove all moss and thatch form the lawn.


Flowers borders and bedding areas are hoed on a regular basis to remove weeds and unnecessary growth. We adopt a very old fashioned method of tending theses areas which is rarely seen nowadays. We dig over theses areas during the winter months to produce a good tilthy soil. This in turn allows the plants and shrubs to promote new healthy root systems as the soil they are growing in is light and airy, rather than compacted and hard. We also apply plant fertilizer and organic compact to all plants and shrubs as and when required.


Hedges are cut to the required height as and when necessary using professional petrol driven machinery and the necessary ladders and safety equipment to perform the work safely.


Shrubs and bushes are pruned to promote healthy growth when necessary. We aim to establish definition amongst the shrubs to ensure that each one has enough space to develop healthily and not complete for existence. We specialize in rose cultivation and ensure that they are sprayed with insecticides and herbicides every two weeks and fed at least three times during the growing season with appropriate fertilizer and compost. We adopt a certain pruning method which guarantees that the roses do not age and remain healthy.


A must for manicured gardens! We take extra care to maintain these beautiful specimens and prune them using only the best and sharpest tools. Regular pruning promotes new healthy growth and produces a denser plant.


We also supply plants of the highest quality from suppliers in England, Italy, Holland and Belgium. All plants supplied are vetted before delivery and offered with a guarantee of excellence.


We can design and plant seasonal planting schemes in the garden ranging from annual summer and winter bedding plants to shrub and tree planting in borders.


Over time, paths, patios and driveways become infested with dirt, moss, lichen and grease. We use professional jet washing machines to clean these areas to restore their original beauty. No chemicals are used in this process and we ensure that the necessary time is taken produce the perfect finish. With block paved driveways the silver jointing sand is normally removed in the cleaning process. We re-apply this sand to all the joints once again.


All aspects of tree surgery work is undertaken by qualified professionals and approved contractors of the Arboricultural Association. We deal with the felling of small, medium and high trees, pruning and pollarding, section felling and stump grinding. We use only the safest and best equipment to carry out our work and use all the necessary harnesses and safety measures to ensure that all health and safety regulations are adhered to. We also use manually operated wood chippers to assist with the removal of all waste.


We undertake the repair of existing fencing damaged by wind and also the installation of new fencing to client's specification. We specialize in close board fencing, panel fencing and post & rail fencing and use only the best quality materials


Working closely with our clients we offer a comprehensive service from initial consultation including plan drawings, through to complete build including all hard and soft landscaping aspects of the project. Our designs and meticulous attention to detail ensure our clients have, on the completion of the project, the garden they dreamed of and wished for.


We construct patios including natural stone, sandstone paving, crazy paving, granite sets and concrete slabs. We also construct driveways in block paving, gravel and tarmac.


With the ever increasing costs of hiring skips, it has been necessary for us to look at alternative cheaper methods of dealing with the removal of garden waste. We now provide a reliable garden refuse collection service where we come to your house to collect the refuse and take it away for recycling. This service is by far cheaper than hiring skips and is also much more friendly to the environment.