It is very difficult at this time of year to find inspiration from your garden, however, we aim to banish the grey and gloomy days from our clients’ gardens and brighten them with colour and life. With many varieties of plants in flower, this is a perfect time to add a splash of colour to the garden.


This is a compact evergreen shrub with simple, leathery leaves and tiny, fragrant creamy-white flowers in winter or spring, followed by red, purple of black berries which may persist into the following winter


Sometimes known as the Christmas or Lantern Rose, this beautiful perennial garden plant has elegant flowers, perfect for brightening up shady areas during late winter and early spring. Some species are grown for their striking evergreen architectural foliage.


This is a rhizomatous grass with linear and striking blue coloured leaves and dense pinnacles of brownish flowers in the summer.


This is a medium sized deciduous shrub which forms a thicket of amazingly bright red stems, which become crimson in winter. The leaves are ovate and turn reddish in the autumn. It produces small creamy flowers and then bluish-white berries at the end of the summer


These are compact evergreen shrubs with simple, aromatic leaves and panicles of small white or yellowish flowers followed, on fertilized female plants, by shiney red berries. The “Rubella” has pinnacles of red buds, showy in late winter, which open to fragrant white flowers in early spring. The “Kew Green” has aromatic, broadly oblanceolate leaves and large clusters of small, fragrant greenish-yellow flowers in spring.


This is an erect, evergreen shrub with lance-shaped leaves which colour well in autumn. It also has small, star-shaped white flowers, followed by bright red berries.

Prepared by Salvatore Cala

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